Valero Credit Card Payment Methods

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Valero is a chain of gasoline stations. At these locations they offer their customers a Valero credit card that can be used for purchases at Valero stations. To make a payment on an existing credit card balance, find your preferred transaction type below and follow the guide.

First Valero Bill Pay Method: Submit Your Payment Online

To make an online payment on your Valero card, go to the card’s portal page at Scroll down from there a bit and click the “Signup Now” button to create your login credentials. After you gone through all of the signup forms and go back to the web address printed written above. Again, scroll down, but this time you want to click the “Sign in” button. Enter the login credentials you just set up during registration.

Valero Bill Pay Login

Once you are logged in and on your card’s account, go to the billing section and choose to make a payment through the site. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your transaction.

Second Valero Bill Pay Method: Make a Payment through the mail

For those of you who would like to make a payment toward the account balance of your Valero credit card through the mail, you will have to send them a paper payment in the form of a personal or cashier’s check or a money order. No matter which type of payment you decide to mail to Valero, you are going to need to designate “Valero” as the recipient. Once your check or money order is ready to be sent through the mail, send it to one of the following addresses based on how much time you have for the payment to be due:

On-Time Sending:

DSRM National Bank
PO box 300
Amarillo, TX 794105-0300

Overnight or rushed payments:

DSRM National Bank

Third Valero Bill Pay Method: Pay over the Phone

You may make a payment on your Valero gas credit card over the phone by calling the company’s pay by phone system, which is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. To reach this phone line, you are going to want to dial the toll free number at (800) 333-3560. When calling to submit your bill, you will have  a choice to pay using the automated system, or if you need to make a rushed payment on your account you can choose to complete the transaction by speaking with a live customer service agent. Valero customer support.

Fourth Valero Bill Pay Method: Use Electronic Funds Transfer to Pay a Valero Bill

Valero gas store credit cardholders are allowed to set up their financial institution to be able to send payments through your bank’s online service are by setting up an EFT transfer for your Valero credit card bill payment. When setting up these EFT payments through your bank account, you will need to supply the name of the company, Valero, and your account number as well as some other information that you will be able to find by accessing your login as described in the first pay method discussed in this guide, which covers online payments.

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