Toll by Plate Bill Payment

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Toll by Plate is a digital service available to those who drive in Florida to handle various toll fees and violation payments that they may have incurred while using the Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike (also known as HEFT). This system can be found on the toll road that runs from Florida City to Miramar. If you have recently driven in this area, you should be aware that you can easily rack up some serious fines for not making payment on your toll road usage, but payment is relatively easy for those who remember to cover the bill. The reasons given for HEFT to not have a standard toll booth where you can simply pay to use the road immediately before or after using it include reduced congestion and pollution by making the roads themselves easier to use for drivers coming on or off the turnpike.

Create a Toll by Plate Account

Before you can make a payment toward whatever you owe with Toll by Plate, we recommend that you set up a login through the Toll by Plate Program Online Customer Acceptance section of the site, especially since it is likely that you will be driving on the HEFT again. Once there, read through and accept the terms presented, you will be asked the kind of account you would like to create. On that page, you can also set up your account per an invoice that you have received in the mail, which makes it so some of your vehicle information will already be filled in by the system. After that, fill out the rest of the forms to set up your login credentials for the site.

Make a Payment to Toll by Plate

With your Toll by Plate account created, you can then move on to submitting a payment that you owe to the company. This can be done through the Pay Bill section of the website where you will be asked how you would like to log in or whether or not you just want to pay the bill and be done with the service entirely. Depending on which of these methods that you choose to go about using to pay the bill, you will have to take different steps.

Toll by Plate pay bill

For those who choose to log in to the site, leave the selection at “TOLL-BY-PLATE Account Login” and enter your login credentials. Otherwise, choose which of the documents were sent to you by Toll by Plate and enter the information requested for on the fields below, then click the View Documents button. In either case, follow the onscreen instructions to complete your toll payment transaction.

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