How To Pay Your Prevention Magazine Bill

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Prevention Magazine is an American magazine focused on assisting its readers with living a healthy lifestyle. The topics covered include food, workouts, nutrition, and other related subjects. The magazine offers a monthly subscription model, offering potential customers the chance to check out every new issue right as it is available for a simple fixed monthly fee. Their online website makes it incredibly simple to sign up for a subscription and make easy monthly payments.

Signing Up For Prevention Magazine Monthly Subscription

If you haven’t signed up yet for a monthly subscription of Prevention Magazine, it’s actually very simple to do.

For starters, head to Prevention’s website at and follow the below instructions:

  • Click on the “Subscribe” link at the right side of the top menu. Here’s an example:
  • Enter your information in the provided text boxes, including name, country, address, city, state, zip code, and email address.
  • Choose a subscription plan that fits your budget and needs, either 2 years for $36 or one year for $24
  • Decide whether you want to receive the free Prevention email newsletter in your email inbox
    Enter your payment information
  • Click the “Order Now!” button at the very bottom of the page
  • Follow any further instructions given

Paying Your Monthly Prevention Magazine Bill

So now that you’ve signed up for a monthly subscription to Prevention Magazine, it’s quite easy to make a payment on your monthly bill. To get started, head to Prevention’s online customer service page. When you arrive, you will need to log into your account. There are two ways to login.

Login Using Your Account Number

Login using your account number

  • Enter account number in the box provided
  • Enter the security code in the image above the text box exactly as it is presented to you
  • Click the “Login Now” button located underneath the security code text box

Login Using Name And Address

Login using your name and adress

  • Enter your full name as when you first signed up for a subscription
  • Enter your home address where your magazine issues are delivered to you
  • Enter your City
  • Select your State
  • Enter your Zip Code
  • Select your Country
  • Enter security code as it is presented to you in the image
  • Click “Login Now” button at the bottom of the page

After you have logged in, follow any instructions you see in order to make a payment on your Prevention bill.

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