Team Member Travel Program for Hilton Employees

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Many companies that operate in the industry of hospitality also extend some of their services or products to the company’s employees. And just as there are a seemingly endless number of services provided by companies all over the globe, the savings on some of the stuff that is offered to these companies’ employees is pretty impressive, even if pretty much all of it has to do with the company itself. Employees at a fast food joint get discounts on burgers and fries and people who work at electronics stores get a percentage discount on things like computers, tablets and software. While cheap food and consumer technology may sound like a great benefit to receive at work, the employees of the Hilton chain of luxury hotels can stay at any of their branded hotels across the world and they can do so for at an incredibly deep discount and whenever they want (as long as they have received the go-ahead from their location’s management staff).

How to Create Your TMTP Online Account

Before you can begin looking for the hotel you want to stay at as a Hilton employee with TMTP (Team Member Travel Program), you are going to have to set up your password. This can be done through the by clicking the “Begin Here” link on the left side of the page under the home header. When you follow that link, you will be asked to enter the city in which you work, as well as the state and country you work in. Additionally, you will have to choose if you are currently living in a hotel and choose the brand if you are. After filling these out, click the “Find It” button to pull up your  regular account with the. Team Member Travel Program

Using the Team Member Travel Program

When you are ready to go on vacation and you are employed by the Hilton company, there are a few steps you will need to go through to help reserve your hotel stay: After you input the location information for your job, you will then conduct a search for available hotels in the region. They must be part of the Hilton family line of hotels for employees to be able to use the discounted prices. After choosing the hotel that the employee would like to visit, he or she can reserve the room and then secure their passport for travel. It’s that easy.

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