Activate a Bank of America Debit or Credit Card

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There are quite a few different reasons that you might receive a credit or debit card from Bank of America. For those most part, though, there are three situations which occur most often when people are receiving one. These include:

  1. When opening an account for the first time with Bank of America
  2. After applying and being approved for a BofA credit card
  3. Either a debit or credit card has expired and you receive an updated replacement

No matter which of these reasons that you have received or will receive a new credit or debit card from Bank of America, the process to activate the card will be exactly the same. The only difference that you might encounter is if you do not have an online login for, but that will not mean you can’t activate the card online.

Activate the Card Online by Logging In

If you’ve already enrolled for online banking, go to the Bank of America Activate Your Credit Card page: and click the blue button that says “Sign in to Online Banking” (if you’re not enrolled yet, click here to create your user account: and a “Secure Sign-In” box will appear. Enter your online ID and passcode to log in.

Bank of America Online Banking Credit Card Activation
Once logged in, you will see a list of your credit cards from Bank of America. To the right of each card, it will either have a note saying “Already activated” or there will be an “Activate” button. Click the “Activate” button and follow the prompts to get the card working.

Activate Online Without a Login

While it is much easier to activate a card from Bank of America by logging into your account as described above, we know that there are many people who are not comfortable with having an online account to handle their banking. If that is how you feel, you can still activate your card online by going to BofA Credit Card Activation.

Bank of America Card Activation no Login

Select the option that says “I don’t have an Online Banking ID and Passcode” and fill out the rest of the fields. To find the code needed for the “Card Security Code” box, look at the backside of the credit or debit card and it will be a three-digit number on the signature panel. After filling out this first page and clicking “Continue” you will have to go through some security questions to verify who you are, and the card will be operational after that.

Activate BofA Card Over the Phone

Every card that Bank of America sends out will have a sticker on it. The sticker has a phone number that you can call to activate your card- simply follow the audio instructions to complete the activation.

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